Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Point Is Sharp


 This poor leaf, gently dancing in the wind, cascading softly to the ground, speared by the sharp points of this Yucca plant! Thank God it missed a vein! 

This beautiful Yucca plant has graced our yard for at least the past 18 years. One of only a few of the plants that still exist from my Dad's garden.  My Dad passed on in 1992, prior to last year it had been neglected and was looking very sickly and shabby.
With a little tlc, this beauty has come back to life! It is practically doubled in size, standing approximately 3 feet high now.  Although I have reworked the soil around it and covered it with mulch, an occasional weed will sprout beneath it.  Removal of such weeds should be featured on "most dangerous jobs" for the needle like spikes hurt like heck when they pierce through your skin!

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