Thursday, October 7, 2010

Held By A Twig

A crafty little nature project my Grandsons and I made today.  A very simple yet naturally attract pencil holder.
Materials needed:
Tin Can
2 Rubber bands
Hot Glue Gun
Pruning shears
I got a can from the recycle bin, tore off the paper & used the pliers to pinch down the inside lip edge (DO NOT run your finger around the inside of the lid opening! LoL!)
Then we gathered sticks & twigs from the yard.  I used the pruning shears to cut them down to the height of the can.
Placed the rubber bands around the can, one at top & one at the bottom to hold the twigs in place while fitting & arranging them around the can
I hot glued around the top & bottom rims of the can, making sure each twig was glued
Once glue was set I removed the rubber bands, tied a piece of twine around it & hot glued the twine in place
Ta-da! There you have it, a nice twiggy holder.

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