Thursday, October 21, 2010

Harvest Time

Harvest Time

This is the piece I did for the weekly art challenge at Inspiration Avenue
This weeks theme is "Harvest".  Living in Iowa, corn is a big deal! With Halloween around the corner, I had to throw a pumpkin in there!  Be sure to follow the link above and check out all the other harvest inspired art work!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn Leaves

My entry for the Music Monday : An art challenge based on song lyrics.
This weeks challenge is based on a jazz song titled "Autumn Leaves" with the lyrics being

But I miss you most of all, my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

I have four little squirrel friends putting on a show everyday in my yard.  I love to sit and watch them romp around.  Very entertaining!  One day I caught sight of one little fellow burying a walnut in my flower pot.  I thought to myself, Lil' buddy, that won't be there when you want it, as I empty, clean and store my pots for winter.
When I read the lyrics for this challenge, I knew these delicious tiny meals would be greatly missed.   I decided to draw an oak tree because I love their leaves more so than the Black Walnut tree in my back yard.

Be sure to click on the link above the check out all the entries for this challenge!

List It Tuesday

While out and about in blog sphere today I happen upon this cool blog Artsyville 
Low and behold! A "List" day! Every Tuesday!  Yay!  I love list, even passed it on to my daughter who loves them too! A list can be made for any and everything! And we do!

Speaking of list, recently I went to a book sale & what did I buy?  Give up? A "List" Book! No kidding!  297 pages of lists in which you fill out as per topic of the list. How fun right? I bet ~ I hope!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Twenty Minute Challenge ~ Little Pot

Little Pot
Here is a little painting I did for The Twenty Minute Challenge blog I follow.  Painted on a piece of scrap wood, this "little pot" is only 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".  Check out the blog for some amazing 20 minute creations!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Point Is Sharp


 This poor leaf, gently dancing in the wind, cascading softly to the ground, speared by the sharp points of this Yucca plant! Thank God it missed a vein! 

This beautiful Yucca plant has graced our yard for at least the past 18 years. One of only a few of the plants that still exist from my Dad's garden.  My Dad passed on in 1992, prior to last year it had been neglected and was looking very sickly and shabby.
With a little tlc, this beauty has come back to life! It is practically doubled in size, standing approximately 3 feet high now.  Although I have reworked the soil around it and covered it with mulch, an occasional weed will sprout beneath it.  Removal of such weeds should be featured on "most dangerous jobs" for the needle like spikes hurt like heck when they pierce through your skin!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brilliant Orange

In the morning light
Marigolds gone wild!
Last year I decided to try my hand at gardening.  My Dad had an awesome green thumb and the yard always looked beautiful.  I wanted to bring that beauty back to life.  I sectioned out with a rock border my flower bed deciding on a spot he had used because I knew the soil was good.  I had bought a box of marigold seed from a local dollar store.  It was my understanding these were annuals, therefore, would not be back the next year.  Boy was I wrong and quite surprised when not only did they return but with a vengeance!  They have multiplied greatly and pushed out a lot of other flowers I had planted this year.
Now I am torn between finding a way to rid the bed of these completely or next year just letting them have the whole bed.  Such brilliant shades of oranges and yellows, the butterflies love them, oh, what to do?

Loving the Weather

The weather here (Iowa) has been gorgeous!  I spend most waking hours outside.  I am very happy my Grandson's enjoy being outside as well.  They are all three young enough that computers, video games or television does not hamper their desire to hang out with me in the yard.  Most of the time you will find us swinging, building or crafting.  LIfe is good!

Brody...He could spend ALL day on this swing!
Vince and his shadow
Latest bird feeder under construction
Starburst Wreath we made today