Monday, October 4, 2010

Boob Tube Inspiration

Sunday morning while in the kitchen making macaroni salad for a family picnic that we were having later on in the day, I did something I rarely ever do, I  flipped on the television.  Yep! In the kitchen! (A blog for another time) God truly does work in mysterious ways for as odd as it was for me to switch the set on, once I had, I knew why. 

  Joel Olsteen had written a sermon just for me! Heck, he could have just dedicated it to me personally, the message that morning was hitting home. Bullseye!   As his words mingled with the scent of green onions & celery, a wave of gratitude filled the air.  Some call it coincidence, I call it God knowing what you need!  

The message that morning was about positive thinking.  In a weird sort of way it was mirroring all I have seen or read concerning the law of attraction.  (science & religion tango once more!) Just as Joel was preaching though, I too undoubtedly believe, the "universe" is God and what you put out, he will return.  

This particular sermon concentrated  more so on how we treat & look at ourselves.  A reminder I definitely need every now and again and again and again....I am truly my own worst enemy, yet, I had never once thought before this day of my own personal karma.  

Karma is something we tend to relate to the way we treat & do unto others not ourselves.  But why not ourselves?  Who ever is as important than "I"?  I mean, I expect myself to treat others with respect, honesty, care and kindness, why not me?  I believe lots of people fall short here for we would never dream of placing upon others the burdened thoughts & feelings of ill energy.  At least I know I wouldn't, nor should I to myself.

So, through Joel, God gave me some much needed inspiration.  Inspiration to my own worthiness of light, love & all things good.

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