Tuesday, October 19, 2010

List It Tuesday

While out and about in blog sphere today I happen upon this cool blog Artsyville 
Low and behold! A "List" day! Every Tuesday!  Yay!  I love list, even passed it on to my daughter who loves them too! A list can be made for any and everything! And we do!

Speaking of list, recently I went to a book sale & what did I buy?  Give up? A "List" Book! No kidding!  297 pages of lists in which you fill out as per topic of the list. How fun right? I bet ~ I hope!


  1. great list - i'm amazed that you drew that many birds to your feeder, and how many you recognized! ! i've gotta check out that book, too - sounds like just my kind of thing! thanks for participating!

  2. Thanks Aimee! I have photographed them all as well. I have started another blog, Weeds, Seeds and Cracked Corn where some can be found, if you are interested! I look forward to next Tuesday!

  3. I have that same book! I never had enough sense to make a list of the birds to visit the feeders over the years. Since I'm a list maker too and playing along with Aimee, I can't believe I never did! Love seeing your list of birds. Maybe I'll start one someday of my birds too.

    That book looks like fun. Might have to look for it on half.com. ;)


  4. aren't birds precious? i love their round little bodies and the way they hop. i'd love to see your birdfeeder! and how cool is that book?