Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Niche

Welcome to my first post here at blogger.com  Mighty glad you are here! 

Ok, so, upon researching this whole blog idea, many suggest finding a niche.  Most days I have trouble finding my car keys, chapstick, remote control, etc. as if finding a niche should be any different?  It shouldn't and it's not.  
Sure, I have lots of interests and ideas, just none in which I feel laden with expertise.  
I am more of a jack of all trades, master of none.  Besides, there is only so much information one can obtain on any particular subject, once learned, information no longer sought.

With that said, I've decided to go with the next suggestion, a blog journal.  Yay!  I mean, who doesn't like to share in one's thoughts and feelings?  Those who have a niche perhaps?  lol!  Ah, well, time will tell if I should find one myself, until then, I will pick my brain, heart and soul and share with you my findings.  Since those are not set in stone, come back tomorrow, I am sure there will be something new in my mental brew.
Click the follow and lets conga or bunny hop, (if you prefer) through the meanderings of my mind. 

Created by Victoria Epping


  1. good morning Victoria,
    Ok...I'm dying to know what that is a photo of ??????
    The good thing about a journal is that if your real life is not interesting enough, you can always make stuff up and no one will know ;-)
    Have fun with this!

    Janet xox

    ps...thanks for the nice comment on my little blog

  2. Good day to you Janet!
    My photo is me taking a picture of my reflection in our grandkids swimming pool, neglect had turned it into a little swamp!
    I thought it had a cool effect.

    You are very welcome! I enjoy the gorgeous pictures of your flowers & look forward to more!